Scooter Winter Prep & Storage 

Scooter Storage available for just $25 per month. Winter-prepping for an additional fee, if desired.

For a one-time $20 prep fee, we can get your scooter ready for storage including fuel stabilizer and we put your battery on a tender.

Pick up available. Call us today! 208-779-0866

Note: Prepping will be performed prior to storage if customer has not already done so. We are not responsible for bad batteries.

 Vintage Scooter Restorations 

During winter months, we specialize in Vintage Scooter and Motorcycle Restorations.

Each motorcycle or scooter restoration is a unique and individual process, depending on condition of the vehicle and desired outcome. Rate: $85/hr for restorations, plus parts. For more information, contact Dave 208-440-2005.

Pick up available. Call us today! 208-779-0866

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